On Dancing on the Hyphen 

Stephen BARBER Dancing on the Hyphen: Essays on Arab Theatre presents an invaluable collection of Khalid Amine’s latest essays on the contemporary and recent performance cultures of North Africa. The collection is striking in its breadth and depth, spanning nuanced and original investigations extending from women’s empowerment through performance, Shakespeare’s …

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Tayeb Saddiki and the Re-invention of Tradition in Contemporary Moroccan Theatre

Tayeb Saddiki (1938- 2016) was a theatre director, actor, and playwright from Essaouira, a coastal city in southwest Morocco. In the course of his career as Morocco’s most respected theatre figure since independence, Saddiki has not only dominated the Moroccan stage, he has in fact reconciled Morocco’s traditional acting styles …

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Interview with Erika Fischer-Lichte 

Amine: The international debates on the politics of intercultural theatre practices have not only critiqued such artistic ‘syncretism’ and negotiations, but articulated an optimistic belief in the achievability of a common “interweaving” across worldwide performance cultures.  Erika Fischer-Lichte is justly and internationally acclaimed as an exemplary demystifier – the thinker …

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